Standing in the deep, dark woods,

Only with a group of men,

Relying on me for directions,

I felt the black ink flowing in my veins,

Cause I, a cartographer’s daughter,

I know the way.

These men can make no head or tail of the map,

Their knowledge, only of war and melee,

Had to pretend to be a boy,

To come on this precariousness.

Why pretend to be a man,

When you are much braver and canny than that?

My father oft said, “ Each of us carries the map of our lives on our skin…

See here, how my blood runs not blue at my wrist, but black?

Your mother always said it was ink. I am a cartographer by heart

I, guiding this group,Know that, I’m the leader of this mass,

I’m a girl,I’m proud to be one,I know the way,

I’m a cartographer by heart…



As I looked from the edge of the ocean

A shimmer of gold, for it’s almost dawn,

The waves lashing against the shore,

The only sound to be heard,

Bringing shells and sand, the waves,

Little do I know about the beautiful world beneath

It stretches for miles away,

Above all the creatures with fins and gills,

Above the corals and seaweeds,

Closer to shore the waves splash,

And I realise the world is bigger than it seems,

As I stare into the ocean,

In golden light, it gleams…



When tears fell from my eyes,

you were there to brush them away.

When I was lost in confusion,

you were there to say that everything would be okay.

When I stood before you falling apart,

you were there to lend your heart.

When I felt like no one could understand,

you were there to take my hand.

When I cracked jokes and I was cheerful,

You were there by my side giving a giggle.

When no one else was left to care,

you were there…



If only every day,

Held the spirit of Christmas day,

To captivate that feeling always,

Year round would be the best way!

If only every day,

We would be so kind,

To our fellow man,

Year round would be the best way!

If only every day,

We share and give,

So that others may happily live,

Year round would be the best way!

If only every day,

We expressed our love,

And thanked God above,

Year round would be the best way!



Some books are educational, others tell you a story. Some show you a serene new world, other throw you into the sequence of mysteries that are yet to be solved. Books can teleport you to a whole new world, show you the wonders of that world, the people. While reading a book, you can get so attached to it that you cannot put that book down… Most people think the books are better than the movies…that’s because books can let you imagine the setting of events or the looks of certain characters in the story. They are also more detailed than movies because sometimes movies tend to leave out the small but incredible details…



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Saayesha Chandrani

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